Our Humble Beginnings

As human continue enjoying our technology advancement in the expense on mother natures and its resources, one does not seem to realize that the clock is ticking away silently. There will be a time when human will eventually left with nothing to live on.

Howern Wasser was incorporated in 2014, with a simple believe of making the world a better place to live in.

In the efforts towards maintaining coexistence of natural resources and sustainable development, Howern creates values and opportunities to clients, partners, employees and communities. And among those priceless natural resources, Howern has embarked on WATER with the commitment to bring out the best values of water possible while making sure that it serves us at its natural form possible without any unnecessary additional chemicals / poison, at the most optimum required usage (without wastage).

This commitment has firmly forged into all Howern design philosophy ever since its incorporation.

The Values That Drive Us

  • Revolutionization : Howern believes imaginative, creative and innovative yield great solutions.
  • Customization : Howern believes forging strong relationship with our clients provides solutions that are customized to address clients’ specific needs instead of supplying only standard package solution.
  • Simplicity : Howern believes there will always a most suitable solutions on all the challenges / requirement. Howern and our affiliate Professional Engineers, Environmental leading consultants, Professors, Experts in Water, Air, Wastes, Land pollution, will have enough resources and capabilities to solves these challenges.

Howern’s Journey So Far

Growth in Every Industry

In Pharmaceutical and Medical industries, Howern’s water treatment systems (Purified Water, High Pure Water and WFI), promised customers with a most efficient, robust, chemical free, minimum wastage and at the most cost effective system solution, YET FULLY COMPLYING TO THE REQUIRED STANDARDS AND REGULATIONS (USP, Eu Ph, etc.) in documentation, system qualification and audit trail.

In other industries (Semiconductor, Wafer, Solar, Oil and Gas, Petrochem, Desalination, etc.), with our dedicated team extensive and diversified experiences and exposures in water and waste water treatment, Howern offers reliable, complete and comprehensive solutions towards any form of water challenges and requirement. Our DI, RODI, ROEDI and UPW systems equipped with the best known technologies capable in fulfilling the most stringent water quality requirement in resistivity, silica, TOC, trace metals, DO and Boron removal.

In wastewater treatment system, Howern offers simplest solution towards any challenges bearing principles of reclaimed, recycled & reused. Increasing pressure in water as precious commodity has urge the industries to look into simplicity in design & minimization of additives (such as chemicals and impurities) & waste generation at the end of the treatment cycles.