A one-to-one dialogue with MIDA

As the Howern team and client grow, it becomes more apparent that we play a role in the bigger picture of Malaysia’s economy as a preferred destination for foreign investment. We aim to help the local pharmaceutical and medical manufacturing industry thrive while building a sustainable ecological footprint and robust supply chain in utilities design and management.

Howern specializes in the engineering design and construction of Purified Water, WFI (Water for Injection), and HPS (High Purity Steam) systems. Our experience enables us to offer comprehensive solutions to the pharmaceutical and medical devices sectors, catering to their specific water requirements throughout the process, from design and construction/fabrication to operation services, consumables, and maintenance.

By having a solid local presence, we have effectively minimized potential downtime caused by inadequate designs, long lead times for spare parts, calibration issues, and unforeseen system interruptions. This has proved essential to our valued customers, as it significantly reduces their CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) and OPEX (Operational Expenditure). Also, maintaining the consistency and reliability of manufacturing processes are part of the many efforts to boost foreign investor confidence.

Our commitment is consistent with the Malaysian Investment Development Authority’s (MIDA) goal of promoting Malaysia as a desirable location for foreign investment. We are proud to contribute to this objective by providing dependable, efficient, and cost-effective water treatment solutions that satisfy international standards to the local pharmaceutical and medical industries.